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Tour of Croix-Rousse

The Tour

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The Tour

One of the most unique neighbourhood of Lyon with such a unique soul

Obviously the place has a friendly vibe, like a village within the city with its squares where people play Lyonnais bocce, its fun fair or its famous street food market. But also its cafés-théâtres, murals or landmarks such as the statue of Jacquard of the Gros Caillou

All around there is a specific architecture born of the silk looms and also many surprises : a Roman amphitheatre, an abandoned church, monumental staircases...

This tour from uphill goes down the worldwide famous passageways called traboules, used by both silkworkers and Resistance fighters

Our frog plus

+ Option Démo
Weaving demo on a Jacquard loom ?

Be aware that this tour is different from the Silk Tour : same neighbourhood + weaving demo + velvet demo

Private Tour
2h : 258 € / group

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